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Ming Liu Academician

PI(July 2020 -present)
The Researcher of Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、Doctoral supervisor、The Laboratory Director of Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences


NAME: LIU Ming(Doctorate supervisor)

Title: Professor in IMECAS, Doctorate supervisor, director of Lab of Nanofabrication and Novel Device Integration Technology

Degree: PhD


Her recent research areas include semiconductor nano-materials, nanofabrication and nano electrical devices. She has author or co-author of more than 100 journal and conference papers, including invited papers in international technical conferences and invited talks/seminars in governmental or educational institutions. She has also co-authored 3 scientific books.•REMARKS:

Now Dr. Liu is the director of Laboratory of Nano-fabrication and Novel device Interrelation, senior member of Chinese material Society, member of academic committee of Key Lab of semiconductor material, deputy director of academic committee of Micro-fabrication Lab, Institute of Physics, CAS, member of Beijing semiconductor branch of Chinese Institute of Electronics, secretary-general of Micro-lithography technical committee of National Standardization Technology Committee for Semiconductor Equipment and Materials of Chinese.•

•Personal honor:


Government Allowance granted by the State Council, Year 2004

 Second Class Prize of National invention (NO.4)

First Class Prize for the progress of Science and Technology in Beijing (NO.4 and NO.10) 

Second Class Prize for the progress of Science and Technology in Beijing (NO.3)

Research Direction


Research topic

Physical Devices- Calculation based on new devices and circuits



Open positions



1.  Senfeng Zeng, Chunsen Liu, Xiaohe Huang, Zhaowu Tang, Liwei Liu, Peng Zhou,An application-specific image processing array based on WSe2 transistors with electrically switchable logic functions,Nature communications,2022

2. Yanting Ding, Yajun Zhang, Xumeng Zhang*, Pei Chen, Zefeng Zhang, Yue Yang, Lingli Cheng, Chen Mu, Ming Wang, Du Xiang, Guangjian Wu, Keji Zhou, Zhe Yuan and Qi Liu,Engineering spiking neurons using threshold switching devices for high-efficient neuromorphic computing,Frontiers in Neuroscience,2022

3. Xiaohe Huang, Chunsen Liu, Peng Zhou,2D semiconductors for specific electronic applications: from device to system,npj 2D Materials and Applications,2022

4.  Pei Chen, Xumeng Zhang, Zuheng Wu, Wang Yongzhou,Jiaxue Zhu,Yunxia Hao, Guan Feng, Yize Sun, Tuo Shi, Ming Wang, Qi Liu,High-Yield and Uniform NbOₓ-Based Threshold Switching Devices for Neuron Applications,IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices,2022

5.  Jiaxue Zhu, Xumeng Zhang, Rui Wang, Ming Wang, Pei Chen, Lingli Cheng, Zuheng Wu, Yongzhou Wang, Qi Liu, Ming Liu,A Heterogeneously Integrated Spiking Neuron Array for Multimode‐Fused Perception and Object Classification,Advanced Materials,2022

6. Ke-JiZhou,ChenMu,BoWen,Xu-MengZhang,Guang-JianWu,CanLi,HaoJiang,Xiao YongXue,ShangTang,Chi-XiaoChen,QiLiu,The Trend of Emerging Non-Volatile TCAM for Parallel Search and AI Applications,Chip,2022

7. Pei Chen, Xumeng Zhang, Qi Liu & Ming Liu,NbO2‑based locally active memristors: from physical mechanisms to performance optimization,Applied Physics A,2022

8.  Jiaxue Zhu, Xumeng Zhang, Ming Wang, Rui Wang, Pei Chen, Lingli Cheng, Qi Liu,An Artificial Spiking Nociceptor Integrating Pressure Sensors and Memristors,IEEE Electron Device Letters,2022

9.  Lingli Cheng,Lili Gao , Xumeng Zhang, Zuheng Wu, Jiaxue Zhu, Zhaoan Yu, Yue Yang, Yanting Ding, Chao Li, Fangduo Zhu, Guangjian Wu, Keji Zhou, Ming Wang, Tuo Shi and Qi Li,A bioinspired configurable cochlea based on memristors,Frontiers in Neuroscience,2022

10. TianyaoWei, ZichaoHan, XinyiZhong, QingyuXiao, TaoLiu, DuXiang,Two dimensional semiconducting materials for ultimately scaled transistors,Iscience,2022

11.  Zichao Han, Tianyao Wei, Qingyu Xiao, Xinyi Zhong,  Du Xiang, and  Tao Liu,Fabrication of patternable Janus transition-metal dichalcogenides assisted by electron beam irradiation,Applied Physics Letters,2022

12. KunBa, JianluWang,Advances in solution-processed quantum dots based hybrid structures for infrared photodetector,Materials Today,2022

13.  Xusheng Liu, Jie Cao, Jie Qiu, Xumeng Zhang, Ming Wang , and Qi Liu,Flexible and Stretchable Memristive Arrays for in-Memory Computing,Frontiers in Neuroscience,2022

14. Jie Cao, Xumeng Zhang, Hongfei Cheng, Jie Qiu, Xusheng Liu, Ming Wang*, and Qi Liu,Emerging dynamic memristors for neuromorphic reservoir computing,Nanoscale,2021