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Students from Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, Tsinghua University, visited our Institue and started the journey of AI+X scientific research and exploration


Recently, Yao Ban students from Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, Tsinghua University came to Shanghai to carry out winter vacation practice activities. As a frontier research base of artificial intelligence, our institute is honored to provide students with opportunities to visit and exchange. At the same time, through the investigation and study in the schools, research institutions and enterprises where PI is located, we have a deep understanding of the development and application of artificial intelligence in the interdisciplinary fields such as quantum technology, material science and biological science, which has aroused students' interest and thinking.


On February 10th, a group of 14 students from the Department of Computing visited our institute. Professor PI Li Xiaopeng of our institute shared the development course of quantum technology from 1.0 to 2.0 with the topic "Quantum technology: the journey to the future", and showed everyone the subversive changes that quantum technology will produce in the fields of precision measurement, quantum computing and quantum artificial intelligence in the future, which inspired students to think about the potential research direction and application scenarios of quantum technology in the future. I hope all students can be interested and interested. At the end of the report, the students visited our laboratory, and in close contact, they had a more intuitive and practical feeling about the application of artificial intelligence and cross-technology.


On February 13th, a group of students from Class 13, majoring in computer science, led by PI Levin, went to the Robotics Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University for a visit and exchange. Teacher Lu Cewu started from the international academic frontier of embodied artificial intelligence, and combined with the team's scientific research work, vividly introduced the development prospect of embodied artificial intelligence, which is expected to become the driving force of artificial intelligence and give birth to the formation of general intelligence and conceptualism. The students showed great enthusiasm and interest in this research direction and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges. After the meeting, everyone watched the demonstration of mechanical arms cooperating to complete complex movements.

On the afternoon of the 13th, the students from Class 13 of the Department of Computer Science went to Fudan University to communicate with Academician Gong Xingao on the cross-combination of physical devices and AI. I shared with the Red Army teachers and team members the research in the frontier field of computational material science based on artificial intelligence. Nowadays, computational material science is very difficult to deal with complex systems, and the rise and development of AI computational material science is an inevitable choice. Can you find a perfect solution to profound physical problems through the intervention of AI? I hope that all students can find an answer in the near future.


Later, Mr. Yang Tianshu, a member of Academician Li Peng's team, took the students to visit the experimental platform of Institute of Metabolism and Integrative Biology of Fudan University and held a discussion. The team teachers shared wonderful reports on the following frontier topics: AI mass spectrometry (Chen Li), AI pathological imaging (Chen Zhi-hui), AI omics (Wang Guanlin), AI structural biology (Ren Ruobing) and AI fatty liver diagnosis (Chen Fengrong), which were simple and fascinating. Immersed in these cross-cutting topics with unlimited exploration prospects, the students are still unfinished and have gained a lot.


On 15th, students went to ByteDance to experience the charm and application of artificial intelligence and cross-research in practice from the perspective of Internet companies.


The survey ended successfully on 15th, thanks to the support of brother colleges and companies, teachers and selfless sharing. During the exchange, the students of Tsinghua Interdisciplinary Information Research Institute showed the youthful vitality and thinking practice of future scientific and technological talents, which also inspired us and inspired us to keep thinking and innovating with greater enthusiasm and motivation, so as to build Zhizhi Research Institute into a research institution with international influence. In the future, I also hope that more excellent teams at home and abroad will come to our hospital for exchanges and cooperation.

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