2024 Shanghai Workshop on Robustness Meets Causality:
Theory and Applications

Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute, Shanghai, China
Time: July 22 - July 25, 2024


This workshop aims to bring together researchers from the realms of robust statistics (interpreted in its broadest sense), causal inference, and applied scientists from related fields. Over the past decade, there has been growing interest in exploring the interplay between these two disciplines. Robust statistics has had a pervasive influence on the evolution of causal inference, most recently through advances in conformal prediction and distribution-free tests, for example. Meanwhile, the development of causal inference has also exerted a profound influence on robust statistics, notably seen in areas such as invariant prediction. Beyond these, there are also many other research topics that are shared by both fields; some famous examples include double robustness and higher-order influence functions. These topics are not only actively studied by statistical scientists from both disciplines, but have also garnered significant attention from fields such as economics, epidemiology, and computer science.

The central goal of this workshop is to foster new collaborations, exchange new ideas, discover unexplored research topics and discuss their transformative potential in practical applications.


Organizing Committee