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Xianzhong Zhao

SQZ PI(July 2020-present)
Tongji Professor


Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute PI,  Professor at Tongji University.

Received a Bachelor's degree in Industrial and Civil Architecture from Tongji University in 1994. In 2000, obtained a Ph.D. degree in Structural Engineering from Tongji University and remained as a faculty member. From 2002 to 2004, conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Primarily focuses on research areas including architectural steel structures, seismic and collapse resistance of structures, intelligent design, and intelligent construction. Led the establishment of the R&D and transformation platform for intelligent construction at Tongji University, and was responsible for the construction of the first undergraduate program in "Intelligent Construction" in China. Led the key technical breakthroughs in over twenty major domestic and international projects including Tianjin 117 Tower, Shanghai Tower, Olympic Lao Shan Velodrome, and Kuwait Central Bank.

Personal Honors:

2018 Ministry of Education's "Yangtze River Scholar Award" Distinguished Professor

2013 National "Baosteel Excellent Teacher Award" Special Prize (nomination)

2008 11th Higher Education Young Teacher Award from the Li Ka Shing Foundation

2006 Shanghai "Pujiang Talent Plan"

Research Direction

Intelligent Design

Generative design of structures based on reinforcement learning

Intelligent Construction Management

Computer vision-based material management and spatio-temporal analysis of human-machine interaction


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3. Xianzhong Zhao, Tao Zhang, Weifang Xiao, An Automated Design Method for Plane Trusses Based on User Preference Information, Applied Sciences, 2023 查看PDF

2. Ruifeng Luo, Yifan Wang, Weifang Xiao, Xianzhong Zhao, AlphaTruss: Monte Carlo Tree Search for Optimal Truss Layout Design, Buildings, 2023 查看PDF

1. Ruifeng Luo, Yifan Wang, Zhiyuan Liu, Weifang Xiao, Xianzhong Zhao, A Reinforcement Learning Method for Layout Design of Planar and Spatial Trusses using Kernel Regression, Applied Sciences, 2023 查看PDF