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Xiaopeng Li

PI(July 2020 to present)
Professor of Fudan University


Xiaopeng Li graduated from the Physics Department of the University of Pittsburgh in 2013 with a Ph.D., and his research field is multi-body theory of controllable quantum systems. Mainly devoted to the research of atomic and molecular physics and quantum information. Recent research directions include cold atomic physics, quantum algorithms, quantum machine learning, and quantum multibody physics. The experimental systems mainly concerned include Rydberg atoms, chiral molecules and multicomponent superfluids. A number of research results have been published in international first-class journals. In 2021, it was selected into the "Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Star Program".

Personal honor

National High-level Young Talents Program, 2017

Forbes China 30 Under 30, 2017

Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Star Program, 2021

“Xie Xide”Junior Chair Professor, 2022

Research Direction

Theoretical Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 

Quantum simulation and quantum computing 

Quantum reservoir computing 

Research topic

•Quantum Computing and Quantum Artificial Intelligence-Research on Quantum Simulation and Quantum Machine Learning



Open positions

Research Direction:

Quantum algorithm, quantum chemistry, cold atoms, quantum optics, quantum machine learning


Theory development, algorithm design, and architecture research  

Publishing results on related journals 

Required Qualification:

Expertise on computing and physics; outstanding learning capability  

Familiarity with related theories and modeling; programing skills 


1. Haoran Sun, Jie Zou, Xiaopeng Li*, Fermion sampling made more efficient, Phys. Rev. B 107, 035119 (2023)

2. Yuchen Luo, Xiaopeng Li*, Effects of quantum statistics on computational power of atomic quantum annealers, Phys. Rev. A 107, 012608 (2023)

3. Xinxin Guo, Zhongcheng Yu, Fansu Wei, Shengjie Jin, Xuzong Chen, Xiaopeng Li*,  Xibo Zhang*, Xiaoji Zhou, Quantum precision measurement of two-dimensional forces with 1E-28 Newton stability,Science Bulletin,2022

4. Wei Xia, Jie Zou, Xingze Qiu*, Xiaopeng Li,The Reservoir Learning Power across Quantum Many-Boby Localization Transition,Frontiers of Physics,2022

5.  Xingze Qiu, Hai Wang, Wei Xia, Xiaopeng Li,Peratic Phase Transition by Bulk-to-Surface Response,Phys. Rev. Research,2022

6. Jian Lin, Zhengfeng Zhang, Junping Zhang, Xiaopeng Li,Hard Instance Learning for Quantum Adiabatic Prime Factorization,Phys. Rev. A,2022

7.  Pei Wang, Zhijuan Huang, Xingze Qiu, Xiaopeng Li, Programmable Hamiltonian Engineering with Quadratic Quantum Fourier Transform,Phys. Rev. B,2022

8.  Xiang-Pei Liu, Xing-Can Yao, Xiaopeng Li, Yu-Xuan Wang, Chun-Jiong Huang, Youjin Deng, Yu-Ao Chen, and Jian-Wei Pan,Temperature-Dependent Decay of Quasi-Two-Dimensional Vortices across the BCS-BEC Crossover,Phys. Rev. Letter ,2022

9. Jie Zou, Xiaopeng Li,Quantum transport of strongly interacting femrions far out-of-equilibrium,Phys. Rev. A,2022

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15. Xiang-Pei Liu, Xing-Can Yao, Youjin Deng, Xiao-Qiong Wang, Yu-Xuan Wang, Chun-Jiong Huang, Xiaopeng Li, Yu-Ao Chen, and Jian-Wei Pan,Universal Dynamical Scaling of Quasi-Two-Dimensional Vortices in a Strongly Interacting Fermionic Superfluid,Phys. Rev. Lett,2021

16. Yongqiang Li*, Jianmin Yuan, Xiaoji Zhou, Xiaopeng Li,Spin-induced orbital frustration in a hexagonal optical lattice,Phys. Rev. Research,2021

17. Xiaopeng Li, Jue Nan, Xiangcheng Pan,Chiral induced spin selectivity as a spontaneous intertwined order,Phys. Rev. Lett,2020

18. Xingze Qiu, Peter Zoller, Xiaopeng Li,Programable quantum annealing architexture with Ising quantum wires,PRX Quantum,2020

19. Xingze Qiu, Jie Zou, Xiaodong Qi, Xiaopeng Li,Precise programmable quantum simulations with optical lattices,npj Quantum Information,2020