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Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute Will Hold the First 2023 WAIC Forum on Embodied Artificial General Intelligence


       Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute will hold the First 2023 WAIC Forum on Embodied Artificial General Intelligence on the third floor of the MGM Shanghai West Bund in Xuhui, where a number of scholars will give special reports, on July 7 at 9:00.


       Recently, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), represented by ChatGPT, has achieved a huge breakthrough with its astoundingly powerful language understanding and dialogue capabilities. In the future, AGI should also have flexible limbs and bodies, sharp and flexible senses, which will have the ability to interact with the world on a deeper level. In order to achieve these goals, we need not only language pre-training models, but also to give them a body and the ability to perceive and act.

       This year, the Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute will host the WAIC forum "Embodied AGI" for the first time to discuss how to define and realize a truly universal AI that can penetrate into human life. The forum is guided by the WAIC Organizing Committee Office, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Xuhui District People's Government, and hosted by Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute.

       As a new type of R&D institution in Shanghai, the Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute was established in 2020 under the leadership of Turing Award winner Academician Yao Qizhi. With the mission of breaking through the basic research of artificial intelligence and leading the cross-development of artificial intelligence in the world, our Institute focuses on the core directions of artificial intelligence, modern cryptography, high-performance computing systems, quantum computing and quantum artificial intelligence, and biological intelligence.

       The forum has invited a number of great scholars in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence from home and abroad to give invited presentations.

    image.png             image.png            image.png             image.png

  Yao Qizhi                                                  Sergey Levine                                              Anca Dragan                                                 Wu Jiajun
      Director of Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute              Associate Professor, University of                  Associate Professor, University                  Assistant Professor, Department of

                              Turing Award Winner                                   California, Berkeley                                 California, Berkeley                                 Computer Science, Stanford University


Yao Qizhi
Director of Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute

Turing Award Winner

 Sergey Levine
Associate Professor, University of
California, Berkeley

Anca Dragan
 Associate Professor, University
California, Berkeley

 Wu Jiajun
Assistant Professor, Department of
Computer Science, Stanford University


   The forum also invited more than ten PIs, who will also share a large number of internationally influential research results


       The forum will also invite outstanding scholars from home and abroad to give talks on three topics.

       Behavior and Decision Making: Explore how to add physical entities and their hands and feet to AGI and enable them to act and interact with people in the real world. Specific lectures include reinforcement learning, human-robot interaction, robotics, humanoid robots, etc.

       Perception and Cognition: To explore how to add senses such as eyes and ears to AGI so that it can understand perception and comprehend the rich and colorful physical world. Specific presentations include multimodal perceptual learning, scene understanding and interaction, etc.

       Theory and Arithmetic Support: To discuss how to provide theoretical assurance and arithmetic support for AGI. The specific lectures include the basic theory of pre-trained models, causal inference, data privacy and computational systems, etc.

       We will present the results of Embodied AGI to the audience in the form of physical demonstrations and poster presentations, so that everyone can understand the progress and status of research in related fields.

       In addition, students from Tsinghua "Yao Class" and Shanghai Jiaotong University will also discuss and interact with each other in the forum.

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