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Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute HOI4D Challenge was launched


Shanghai Qizhi Research Institute and Yili Team of Tsinghua University Cross Information Research Institute will hold the HOI4D Challenge in CVPR2023, and propose a large-scale first-person data set HOI4D for category-level human-object interaction for the first time, which has an important role in promoting the development of human-object interaction. Registration time: February 9-May 25, 2023.

Track setting 

 The HOI4D Challenge includes the following three directions:

4D Semantic Segmentation Challenge: I hope to infer the semantic label of each 3D point. The input of all evaluated methods is a coordinate list of three-dimensional points, and each method should output a label for each point scanned.

Category-level HOI Object Tracking Challenge: The input is a point cloud video, given the posture of the object in the first frame, tracking this object, and giving the posture of the object in each frame thereafter.

4D Action Segmentation Challenge: You need to label each frame of point cloud in the point cloud video with an action category. The input of this task is a point cloud video, and the output is the action described by each frame in the video.

Submit an assessment

Provide an online leaderboard where participants can test the project and submit the results. We will evaluate and update the leaderboard on the server in time.

Note: Only the results submitted by school or company email are tested, and the submission of private email accounts is declined; Only the earliest results submitted by members of the same team are tested every week; Repeated submission using different mailboxes in a short period of time will be disqualified.    

Incentive mechanism

The first, second and third prizes are set for each track: the first prize is 3000 dollars; The second prize is 2000 dollars; The third prize is 1000 dollars, and the winning team is invited to share the work results.

The results of the challenge will be announced on June 1st, and the CVPR HOI4D seminar and challenge award will be held on June 18th. Welcome all teams to participate in the HOI4D Challenge!

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